Does Hades God mode disable achievements and trophies?

    Does Hades God mode disable achievements and trophies?

    Does Hades God mode disable achievements and trophies?

    Hades can be a very punishing roguelike. While there are plenty of perks and talents that make escaping the underworld more manageable, some of the bosses are no joke, and escaping can be difficult. This is where God Mode comes in, and you might be wondering if it disables achievements or trophies, or incurs a penalty.

    The short answer is no: Hades' god mode doesn't disable achievements or trophies, and doesn't have any sort of penalty. Instead, it makes the game easier in some ways, adding a growing buff that lasts through games.

    Since there are technically no difficulty settings in Hades, God Mode acts as a kind of difficulty modifier. It grants a 20% defense buff on your first run, the very first time you select it. For each subsequent run, this buff increases by 2%, making you more resistant to enemy attacks after each return to House of Hades.

    It maxes out at 80% damage reduction and persists in your save file whether the mode is active or not. Essentially, you will never lose the percentage you have accumulated.

    God mode can be turned on and off in the "Settings" menu. To access it, pause the game and choose "Settings". Scroll down to "Subtitles", then scroll right to highlight the GM checkbox in the middle.

    When you first exit the menu, Zagreus will gain a 20% damage reduction buff, indicated by text that appears above his head. When you deactivate GM, you will see in-game text indicating that the buff percentage has been removed, including a minus sign and the number for the percentage you have acquired so far.

    Again, this does not mean that you have lost the percentage you have accumulated; it just means GM is disabled.

    This is basically what you need to know about God Mode in Hades, how to use it, and whether it disables achievements or trophies (it doesn't!). For more on Hades, be sure to check out our other help articles, which cover things like the best weapons, Pact of Punishment, and door symbols.

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