Best Primary Weapons in Warframe

Best Primary Weapons in Warframe

Best Primary Weapons in Warframe

There are 151 primary weapons in Warframe which are each divided into four categories. Rifles, shotguns, snipers, and bows all have different uses and it's important to take note of them when equipping them with mods. The best weapons will make the most of these mods to deal high damage to even the toughest bosses.


Best Primary Weapons in Warframe

Rifles make up most of the 151 weapons available and range from fully automatic weapons to beam weapons in the game. Other weapon categories can use rifle ammo and even some rifles will use sniper ammo such as launchers.

  • Fulmin – This weapon functions as both a fully automatic rifle and a shotgun with its various firing modes. With high electrical damage, this weapon can be used either as a high crit powerhouse or as a status building machine.
  • Stahlta – Using alt fire, this fully automatic weapon can use an explosive that deals 1 radiation damage. The projectile itself has a distinct critical hit chance and a 200x multiplier with a very short cooldown.
  • Acceltra – A mini auto rocket launcher with a high crit chance is a good choice for any Warframe. This weapon deals both Puncture and Impact damage and is a safe bet for almost any situation.
  • Trumna – This weapon's alt-fire mode fires grenades that deal high heat damage for each explosion. This is charged by getting five kills in a row. It has a large magazine and low reload time, but can be overlooked due to its destructive abilities.

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Best Primary Weapons in Warframe

Shotguns are generally slow weapons with their own type of ammo. Shorter range with high damage, the majority of these weapons can kill an enemy with a single pull of the trigger.

  • Bubonico – This Infested Shotgun can apply Toxin while maintaining a high crit chance. Its secondary fire will fire three toxic barbs in one burst, making it perfect for status building.
  • Tenet Arca Plasmor – This is probably the best source of radiation damage in the game. Fire rate and reload may not be high, but high damage, high status chance, and high crit chance of l weapon more than compensate. Bullets from the weapon ricochet and fire at a horde of enemies can melt them all easily.
  • Cedo – Firing a giant spike that enriches while dealing elemental damage, this weapon is perfect for status builds. Even without applying a status on its own, for each enemy with a status, this weapon increases its damage for each effect placed.
  • Kuva Kohm – With a high rate of fire, this shotgun can deal a lot of damage in quick succession. This is quickly made even stronger as each shot fired quickly will cause the weapon to fire an additional bolt. With a 90 percent status chance, this weapon works for many builds.


Best Primary Weapons in Warframe

Sniper Rifles vary in power due to how they work, but their unique shot combination can deliver fast and devastating kills. They share the same mods as rifles but use their own ammo type. Snipers aren't really widely used, but there is one sniper that the community agrees is the best.

  • Rubico Prime – Able to kill bosses with a single hit, this sniper has high damage, 3x multiplier, high crit, and high rate of fire. It outmatches many other weapons depending on the situation, but it can quickly eat up ammo.


Best Primary Weapons in Warframe

These weapon types use rifle mods and should be charged before firing for maximum damage. Bows use sniper ammo and crossbows use rifle ammo.

  • Proboscis Cerno – Each arrow fired from this bow is attached to probes that deal viral damage. With an astonishing 43% status chance, this bow is perfect for high damage and status builds. His Viral Damage generated from his Radial Attack deals well over 1 Viral Damage.
  • Kuva Bramma - Explosive Arrows in any game are great fun and Warframe is no exception. The ability to detonate these arrows in the air only aids the explosive abilities of this weapon. Building on Blast can make it a brutal weapon to wield.
  • Dread – With high stat and high crit chance, this bow is great for bleeding builds. It is tied with the Lenz for high 50% crit chance while being completely silent for stealth missions.
  • Lenz – Along with the Dread, he has the highest crit chance of any weapon in the game. The bow has the second highest base damage, but has special properties that deal both cold and spell damage. explosion. It has integrated ammunition mutation, which makes it possible to always keep arrows at hand.

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Best Primary Weapons in Warframe

Weapons that do not fit into the four main categories do not have their own specific category. They vary in functionality and typically use one of several ammo types and use Rifle or Shotgun mods.

  • Kuva Zarr – This weapon is a launcher with two firing modes. Cannon mode fires projectiles to deal impact and explosion damage, making it good for large groups of enemies. Barrage mode makes the weapon fire more like a shotgun and is good for single target damage even at long range.
  • Ignis Wraith – This flamethrower is the more powerful version of the Ignis with increased critical chance and status with a higher magazine. Status and crit builds can take advantage of this ability weapon as it fires exceptionally quickly.
  • Tenet Envoy – Cold damage and the ability to manually guide missiles make this launcher deadly. The launcher can also be reloaded while holstered, making it easier to switch to a secondary weapon in tight situations. The Guided Missile System is used while aiming and at the expense of speed, the missiles can more easily be delivered for a quick kill.
  • Kuva Tonkor – 30% crit chance on a Grenade Launcher already makes this launcher better than the majority of others. The weapon has good stats all around and deals explosion damage to make it versatile in mods to use when building it.

Weapons in Warframe can be customized in several ways. While these weapons are best when built in a specific way, players may have a different idea of ​​which weapons they prefer. A Dread might not be what someone is looking for if they prefer fast fire and powerful weapons. Using what works before opting for specific weapons is a good way to learn the game and its mechanics.

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